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In addition to real-life football matches, you can also enjoy Virtual Football with a wide range of bookmakers. The action comes thick and fast, with each game's highlights lasting roughly two minutes.

Real football matches take ninety minutes although it’s a bit different in the world of Virtual Football where the games take place at three-minute intervals which means fast excitement and instant satisfaction when it comes to getting your bet quickly settled.

The bookmakers report that a growing number of customers are enjoying bets on Virtual Sports and it’s easy to see why, with the next football match only a few seconds away and a chance to get a winning bet inside a couple of minutes.

Newcastle Rovers might be about to play Sheffield Blades at 19:47 and you have a couple of minutes to place your bets. There are match odds available, along with the number of goals scored and the correct score market. 

The countdown signifies how long until the match starts and then it’s straight into the match highlights which last a couple of minutes. The commentary is life-like and you get great sound effects when it comes to the players kicking the ball and the crowd celebrating a goal or groaning as a shot goes wide of the post or saved by the goalkeeper.

You will typically see half a dozen scoring chances and it’s then the final whistle and a summary of what has taken place including the final score and what the pay-out was. Then it’s on to the next match!

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