Virtual Greyhounds

There is nothing like the sight of a greyhound in full flow and many bookmakers have succeeded in capturing this excitement with their Virtual Greyhounds betting service which means you can enjoy a race every three minutes.

Virtual Sports are enjoying immense popularity due to the fact that the sporting events run like clockwork so there are no delays when it comes to getting the dogs in the traps or making sure that the mechanical hare is running properly.

You might typically find that the races take place at fictional dog tracks such as Thistlecourt and Ballyhale Park, with the top bookmakers showing close-ups of the runners about to compete and there is accompanying form to illustrate how they have performed in their last few races.

There is also a countdown on the big screen so you know how long is left to place your bets, with the six runners having accompanying odds which allows the customer to place a win, each-way, forecast or tricast wager.

Naturally, the shorter odds would suggest that the dog has more of a chance of winning, although the whole event is computer-generated and sometimes we see favourites triumphing, while there are often outsiders that come in at big odds.

What’s great when you are watching Virtual Greyhounds is that the 1-2-3 is constantly updated throughout the race so you can see how your runner(s) are performing all the way round, with the final result then displayed along with the forecast and tricast pay-out. 

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