Why Virtual Racing has become so popular?

William Hill offer betting at Hilltop Gardens and Rapier Strip.

Virtual Horse Racing is available 24/7 and provides instant excitement

True racing fans may turn their nose up at the virtual stuff but there's no denying its popularity and it does serve a purpose.

As racing fans, we know what it's like to back a winner and nothing beats the satisfaction of taking money off the bookmakers. Remember the last time you backed a winner? Just hope that's not too distant a memory and Lester Piggott was riding it!

Joking aside, we'd all like to back more winners and, while it'll never beat the real thing, we'd happily take the winner of the last virtual horse race.

Of course that's more by luck than anything else, although Big Nigel in the 4.12pm at Britannia Way - one of bet365's virtual race tracks - did look well going down to post. He was a tasty price too at 14/1. 

A 14/1 winner is a 14/1 winner any time of the day or day of the week in our book.

OK, virtual racing is a poor imitation of the real world and will never replace the likes of Cheltenham and Sandown, but it doesn't pretend to be anything other than a game of chance and a fun one at that. 

Still need convincing?

We suggest you try it for yourself at any of the bookmakers advertised on this site – they've all got their own virtual horse racing product - and you could be betting for free if you're savvy enough to take advantage of the various sign up offers.

We've already mentioned bet365, who should be applauded for their generous 100% deposit bonus, which is worth up to a substantial £200, but they are not alone.

You can bet on anything you like with your free money but don't be so quick to dismiss virtual horse racing next time. The horses and racetracks may be made up but the profits are real and you might just have some fun in the process. We did.

Big Nigel in the next, anyone?

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Why Virtual Racing has become so popular?

Virtual Horse Racing is available 24/7 and provides instant excitement

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